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This site is protected by my "Tanwen", pronounced "TAHN-wen". From Welsh tan "fire" + gwen "shining, holy".

Tanwen's Orchids

A new venture this.  I've always loved Orchids, amazing plants, so I jumped at the chance when my mate Hedgie invited me along to an Orchid show at Kew on the 5th of February.

I just had to come away with one, but not having a clue about them, I went with what would look great in the lounge! Highly scientific I know.

I also bought a book, "Success with Orchids", to do more research on how to look after these fantastic plants.

Anyway here's a picture of my first Orchid. You can click on the picture to see a closeup.

Phalaenopsis "Brother Little Spotted"
Phalaenopsis "Brother Little Spotted"

It originates from India, South-east Asia and Indonesia (which fits my far eastern theme lounge), has the common name of "Moth Orchid" and is one of the easiest Orchids to look after. I'm not sure which of these mine is, but they are either epiphytic on trees or lithophytic on rocks, so they don't grow in soil (must remember that when I repot it). It likes semi-shady positions and never direct sunlight, which is fine for my lounge. Doesn't like temperatures below 18 degrees, so that fits the house nicely too.

It's doing very well, with at least a dozen flowers in bloom. They usually last about 3 months, and once the last of the flowers drop, its recommended to cut the flower spike back to just above a node, leaving at least 12" of stem. This normally encourages it to bloom again within 2-3 months.

This gorgeous Orchid has now been joined by a second, that I bought on the 12th of February at Bridgemere.

This plant is a multi-generic hybrid, made up of the following species:

Brassia x Odontoglossum x Cochlioda x Miltonia

All of these species originate from the mountains of South America, and as all are closely related they are often crossed in various combinations to produce hybrids

Beallara Tahoma Glacier Green
Beallara Tahoma Glacier "Green"

The Beallara has now lost most of it flowers (8th March). I believe this is normal, as they normally only last around 5 weeks. As per the care for this orchid, once the last flower drops I will cut the flower spike back to within 3" of the bulb.

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