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This site is protected by my "Tanwen", pronounced "TAHN-wen". From Welsh tan "fire" + gwen "shining, holy".

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Welcome to Tanwen's Garden

Being a dragon of modest size, I have persuaded Wiccabox to move home to a house with a much bigger garden (I need room to stretch my wings you see). So we are about to move into a house in Warrington, a quaint town half way between Liverpool and Manchester. As you will see it is a garden with much potential, but it needs a lot of work, and in these pages you will see how it turns from a grass yard, into an oasis of delight!

To be serious for a moment. I have been in the process of buying a house for a while, and I have asked a friend of mine, who runs her own gardening business, to design and build my new garden. I hope that through these pages I can show how the design came about, the ideas behind it and how the garden transforms over a period of a week.

I also hope this will be a show piece for the excellent work that The Garden Goddess does. I hope to have an interview with the lady herself in due course.

At the moment the galleries are not in their final format, but are online to give you some idea of how the garden progressed and the plants that were used.