A Portfolio of work

All the banners and designs on these pages are copyright Active ISP and are certified original work by Mike Jones.

Under no circumstances is any of the artwork or coding to be copied without prior written permission of Active ISP or Mike Jones.

All of these designs were produced during 2000-2001. They are split into areas where I was tasked with designing banners for specific portal agreements and normal advertising campaigns. All the banners were either used or considered prototypes for other advertising campaigns throughout europe, (hence the various languages). Note: The foreign language text was supplied by the head office in Oslo.

All the banners were designed to strict guidelines laid down by the agencies concerned.

The design applications used were Photoshop 6, Illustrator 9 and Fireworks 3 with the HTML and Javascript hand coded using Frontpage.



Commission Junction


Flickdot.com (note images here have been reduced to 72dpi from 300dpi as these were for a standard B/W advertising campaign)

Carambole (A subsidary company of Active ISP. Interactive Banner designed for MSN.SE)