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By: Tracy Kwasny

DISLAIMER: This is to entertain the fans of the show Charmed. It is not being made for money. The characters, Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell, Leo Wyatt, and Inspector Daryl Morris are property of Warner Brother's Television. All other characters were created and belong to this author. Any resemblance to any one dead or alive is purely coincidental. It is fiction and has a sole purpose to entertain.



"Leo, do you really think this is going to work? I mean, what if they don't like me?"

"Don't worry, they will. I know these sisters. They like practically everyone," Leo told her.

"Yeah, except the people they don't trust because they think they're demons, or warlocks. And Prue thinks that everybody's a warlock!" she responded back to him.

"Look. Just calm down and everything will be fine. Just stick to the story, ok?" he asked her. He then kissed her on the forehead and said,"Everything will be ok. You ready?" She shook her head. "Ok, then. Here goes nothing." He rang the doorbell to the Halliwell Manor.

"I'll get it!" Phoebe called out to her sisters. She ran down the stairs and over to the front door. She opened it and saw Leo and this teenage girl that looked to be about 15 to 18 years old.

"Hey, Leo," she said."Why are you ringing the door be--," she began, but then realized that there was someone else with them.

"What?" the girl said, going along with Leo's plan."Doesn't he always ring the doorbell?"

"Uh, yeah. But most of the time he just walks in," Phoebe lied.

"Um, Phoebe, could you get your sisters? I'd like her to meet them."

"Uh, yeah. Sure," she responded, a little confused."Be right back." She turned around and went into the kitchen. Leo and the young girl made their way into the house and sat on a couch in the Parlor Room.

"Did you see her catch herself?" the girl asked Leo."She was about to ask you why you didn't orb in."

"Yeah," was all that Leo offered her."Now, be sure to stick to the story. Just follow my lead."

"Ok, but what if-," she began, but Leo interrupted her."No buts. Shhh. Here they come."

Phoebe entered the room followed by Prue and Piper. Leo went to give Piper a hug and kissed her on her cheek.

"Hey, Leo. What are you doing here?" Piper asked him. She sat down on the couch with her two sisters.

Prue noticed the girl."Who are you?" she asked.

"Uh, that's what I came here for. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, I'd like you to meet my cousin, Paige. She's in town visiting me while her dad's overseas," he told them.

"Hi, Paige," Prue said."Nice to meet you."

"Hello," said Piper.

"Hey," Phoebe said.

"The problem is, my apartment is only big enough for me. And I don't have any extra place for her to sleep. There isn't even any room on the floor. So, I was wondering if she could stay with you guys for awhile."

The three sisters looked the girl over. She was about five-foot-nine, she had brownish, blondish hair, blue eyes, tan, and athletic. She looked to be about 15 to 18 years old. She looked like a nice, clean cut kid, but the sisters knew that looks could be deceiving.

"Leo, could we have a little sister conference first?" asked Prue.

"Sure! Take as much time as you need."

The three sisters went into the kitchen together, and sat at the table."What are we going to say?" Piper asked."I mean, I really trust Leo, but, I don't know. His niece seems kind of...."

"Shy," said Phoebe.

"Magical looking," Piper finished.

"What?" Prue asked.

"Well, when she walked into the room, I felt these, like, positive vibes," she explained."Didn't you guys feel it? I mean, especially you, Phoebe."

"Actually, yeah. I did," she confessed.

"Ok, we'll talk about that later. First, can she stay or not," said Prue.

"I don't mind," Piper told her.


"Ok, so I guess it's unanimous," said Prue."She stays."

After they had gone into the kitchen, Paige said to Leo,"They're gonna say no, I know they are. I'm just gonna get outta here before they get back."

"NO! You can't! The elders sent you here for a reason. And that reason was to get use to the Charmed Ones so you could become a real white lighter. You can't go," Leo told her."Just hang in there. They're going to accept you, just like a sister. I know they are."

The three sisters came out of the kitchen and back to the Parlor room. Paige looked up, while Leo stood up.

"Well, what's the verdict?" asked Leo.

"Yeah, sure she can stay. Just as long as she behaves," Prue said.

"Oh, I'll behave! I'll behave!! Thank you soooo much!"

"Ok, Paige, is it? Come with me. I'll show you the guest room where you can stay at," Piper told her."Are you hungry? Because then we can go into the kitchen and I could get you something to eat."

"Sure. I love the kitchen! I love to cook!"

"Really?! WOW! So do I!"

"Cool!" Piper and Paige carried on about food and the kitchen all the way up the stairs to the second floor.

"Ok, Leo. We have some questions for you....first, is she a wi--," Phoebe began. Then, they heard a magical type of music playing.

"Uh, maybe later, Phoebe. I have to go."

"Oh, no! Wait!" Prue started, but it was too late. Leo had already orbbed out.

"What are we suppose to do now?"

"Um, go see how Piper is doing with Paige?..." suggested Prue. The two went upstairs to the second floor. They went into the guest bedroom, which still contained pictures of the girls when they were younger. When they walked into the room, they found Paige finished with emptying her suitcase, and Piper was sitting on the bed conversing back and forth with her. Paige was laughing at something that she held in her hand.

"Hey," Prue said,"what's that?" She nodded to what was in Paige's hand.

"Oh, um, it's a picture of you three with cake smeared all over the place!" Paige responded while trying to keep a straight face.

"Yeah, that was at my eighth birthday party," said Piper."You two got into a cake fight, I was crying and somehow one of you missed and hit me. If you look close enough, you can see the tears coming down my face." Phoebe took the picture from her. When she did, she felt a jolt of energy go through her. Then, a bright light flashed in her eyes. She knew what was coming, a premonition. Suddenly, images floated through her mind. All three of the sisters were standing in an alley somewhere. Then, a burglar came up from behind them. He threw Prue against the wall, and then Phoebe. Then, he took out a gun and shot Piper in the back. When Prue got up, she flung the robber against the wall, and then he took off. Prue and Phoebe went to see Piper, she was dead. When she looked up, she noticed Piper and Prue looking at her, but Paige had turned her attention to the t.v.

"Hey, Pheebs. Wanna talk about it in the hall?" Prue asked. She knew that Phoebe had a vision. She could always tell when she had them.

"Uh, yeah."

"Want me to come?" asked Piper.

"No," said Phoebe quickly,"you stay here with her." Piper looked at her strangely, but nodded her head and turned away to the t.v.

"Ok," said Prue once they were in Phoebe's room,"spill it. What did you see? And why didn't you want Piper to hear about it?"

"I didn't want Piper to not hear it," Phoebe began. Prue gave her that 'look'."Ok, I didn't want Piper to hear it."

"What was it?"

Phoebe sighed. Then she told Prue what she saw.

"And you're sure that she was dead?"

"Prue, I think that I know what dead people look like by now."

"And, Leo didn't orb in or anything? Not even to save the love of his life?"

"You know what happened the last time he saved her like that." (Think Awakened)

"You're right. Scratch that thought. But, she was killed by a robber? We fight demons and warlocks, and she's killed by a robber?" Prue asked.

"I know."

"Phoebe, she has to know about this."

"NO! She'll be too afraid if we come up against something. I mean, she'll be looking over her shoulder every second. We can't tell her!" she looked at Prue."At least, not right away, please? I don't want her to know. We might be able to prevent it."


"Thank you. Now, let's go back to Piper and Paige. They're probably wondering where we are." Prue and Phoebe left the room. They went back to the guest room, but couldn't find anyone. So, they went downstairs. They found Paige and Piper in the kitchen, cooking.

"Hey, you two! Where have you been?" asked Piper."Is everything all right?" Hinting toward Phoebe.

"Huh? Oh, yeah! Everything's fine. What are you guys doing?" Phoebe replied.

"Well, Paige is actually helping me prepare dinner. And, she is doing an exceptional job."

"Thanks. I actually use to work in a restaurant. I was a waitress, but after hours, the chef taught me how to cook. He was a really nice person, a great friend, and a great brother."she told them.

"Really? Your brother is a chef?" Piper asked. She was busy putting Prue and Phoebe to work in the kitchen.

"Yeah, but he was killed. The strange thing is, the cops don't know how he died. They said it was a type of case where they couldn't find anything. But, I know some sort of magical source did it." That made all the sister's look up at her.

"Really? What do you mean?" asked Prue.

"Well, there was this group of thirteen guys who got together as sort of a coven. They did all of these spells, incantations, human sacrifices, stuff like that. Well, one of them was killed, and they asked my brother to join because he had access to spices and stuff that they couldn't ever get their hands on. But my brother wasn't like that. He didn't like dabbling in magic. Especially black magic. So, they kidnapped him and sacrificed him." Everyone was silent for a couple of minutes. It was Piper who broke the silence.

"I'm sorry."

"Me too," Prue offered.

"Same here."

"It's ok. I carry his picture around with me where ever I go. Do you want to see him?" Paige asked them.

"Sure," the three replied. Paige dug her hand deep into her pocket. She pulled out a small, box. It contained many colors. All the colors of the rainbow, Prue noticed.

"He gave this to me when I turned twelve. He said that it was our mom's and that she would have wanted me to have it. He said that our dad had given it to her because she reminded him of a never ending rainbow. My brother said that that's what I was too." She opened the box, and took out a square that was folded into fours. She unfolded it for them. They looked at it. There was a handsome man, between twenty and twenty-five. He had brown hair parted down the center, with blue eyes, a tan face, and a dreamy smile. A type of smile that was kind, soft, and looked caring. He was wearing a chef's uniform, and stood in front of a restaurant, holding a stirring spoon, with his arms wide open.

"That's him in front of the restaurant he opened up. Piper, you guys would have made great friends! All he could ever talk about was either food, the restaurant, or his family. But, he was always ready to listen." The three sisters took the picture from her hands and looked at it. It was Piper who looked on the back to see when it was taken, to see if she knew of Paige's brother's restaurant, while Prue and Phoebe were talking to Paige. Piper found a ton of information, but finally found the date. It was 1949! Piper stopped cold. How could it be taken in 1949? The three sisters hadn't even been born yet! So, how could Paige have been born. She decided she'd tell her sisters what she found later.

"Hey, Piper? Hello?" Phoebe asked.

"Huh? What? Sorry," she responded.

"Don't you have to go to the club to get it ready for tonight?" she asked her sister. Piper looked at her watch.

"Omigosh! I do!" With that, she rushed out of the room in a hurry, changed, grabbed the stuff that she needed, and left.

"She owns a club?" asked Paige. She was lying, of course. She knew everything about the sisters, when they were born, where, how their mom died, when their dad left, which powers each of them have, and what demons they've come across.

"Yeah, it's called P3," Phoebe told her.

"What's P3 mean?" Paige asked, although she knew that it meant the "Power of 3", sort of a tribute to the sisters.

" sort of stands for all of us. See, Prue and I took a second mortgage out on the house to help her open up the club. So, 'P' stands for all of our names and '3' stands for how there are three of us," Phoebe told her, not completely lying to her.

"Oh, well, can I go see it?"

"No, sorry. You're not twenty-one years old," Prue told her.

"Ok, do you think I can go when it's not open?"

"Yeah, sure. She probably won't mind."

"Ok! Well, Paige, feel free to do whatever you want. I have a class to get to and Prue has to go to work on an assignment. So, you're going to be home alone. I'm sorry, we didn't know that you'd be coming over."

"Sure, it's ok. Besides, I'll probably go take a walk outside anyway. And, I like to be alone sometimes. Is there anywhere you don't want me to go in the house?" she asked them.

"Um, actually, yeah. Don't go into the attic," Prue told her.

"Is it haunted?" Paige said sarcastically.

"Ha ha! No, but it's really a mess, and we really don't allow many people in there. Sorry," Phoebe said.

"Ok, no biggie!"

"Ok! Well, I'm late for my shoot, and Phoebe, don't you need a ride?" Prue asked.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks. Well, Miss Paige, it was nice meeting you. We will meet again later at dinner which will be at six o'clock," Phoebe told her."Don't be late! Have a nice walk!" With that, her a Prue left.

After they were gone, Paige went into the attic, against the sister's rules. She went directly to the Book of Shadows, and opened it. She began to leaf through it, and stopped on the page to take away the sisters power's.

Piper arrived to the club at a quarter to one. When she walked in, she found her deserted club, which she had come to love. As soon as she got down the stairs, something jumped out at her. Instinctively, she put up her hands and froze time. Her attacker looked like something out of a horror picture. She carefully maneuvered around him, and racked her brain, trying to remember some sort of a spell to get rid of unwanted visitors. While her attacker was still frozen, she went into the kitchen and found some garlic. Going back to the main room, she held up the garlic and repeated the spell:

This unwanted soul is not wanted here.

Let this garlic take away all my fear.

Send it to him, and make him full of fright,

I don't want to see him, remove him from my sight!

With that, the time freeze wore off, and the demon began screaming and then burst into a sprint out the door, but blew up before he made it.

"That's what I like. A demon that leaves no residue," she said aloud. She put the garlic away, and began to go to work.

Meanwhile, across town, Phoebe had just finished taking a test on physics when her cell phone rang. It was Piper.

"Hey, just in time, I just got done with my test. What's up?" Phoebe asked.

"Guess who was just attacked."

"NO!" Phoebe thought of her vision."Piper, are you all right? Just stay there, I'm coming over!" With that, she hung up and ran to the bus stop.

Piper heard the line disconnect and hung up the phone.

"What's up with her?" she wondered aloud.

When Phoebe arrived, she ran to her sister and gave her a big hug, almost knocking Piper over.

"Are you ok?"

"Fine! Phoebe, get off me! What's all this about?"



"Well......" Phoebe began, then she told her sister about the premonition she had.

"Really? Wow. Well, I think we better get Prue and go to the Book of Shadows, PRONTO!" They left the club, called Prue, and meet up at the manor. When they go to the attic, they noticed the Book opened to the page to reverse their spells.

"Why is it opened to this?" Prue asked. All of a sudden, a blast of light went off, and a demon appeared.

"Hello, ladies," he said.

"Who are you?" Piper asked, trying to hide her fear."What do you want?"

"HA HA HA HA HA!!! What do you think I want, your powers, of course. Now, I know for a fact that your Book contains a spell to give up your powers. Now, I want you to use it."

Phoebe thought back to when they had found the Book opened to that particular spell.

"Ok, seeing as you won't give up your powers without a fight, or so I've been told, I'll tell you what I am. I am the demon Brocashus. I am a very powerful demon, so don't try anything, it won't work." Prue then threw him against the wall.

He got up, dusted himself off, sighed and told her,"You shouldn't of done that. Now, I have to kill you."

"Not if I can help it," said a familiar voice from the doorway. It was Paige.

"Paige, get out of here, NOW!!" Prue said firmly.

"I'd rather not. See, I'd rather kick his butt then leave. I wanna see him burn. It's really fun watching demons like him burn," she told them."I know his weakness, and it's really obvious too. See that necklace he's wearing? Well, it contains all of his powers. A really stupid place, if you ask me. So, anyone feel like taking it off?"

"Foolish one. Only someone more magickal than these three can take it off. And I don't think you're qualified for that one."

"Oh, really?" she asked him. With that, she orbed over behind him, grabbed his necklace, and took it off. Immediately following that, he burst into flames, and burned.

"What was that!?!" Piper asked Paige."And what's up with all of these demons coming after us, yet being so easy to vanquish? Also, how did you do that?"

"Ok, one at a time. That was one of the most powerful, yet stupidest demons ever. All of these stupid demons are coming after you because they are some sort of test, and I was able to do that because I am a W.L.I.T."

"Huh?" asked Phoebe.

"White Lighter In Training. And, I'm sorry, but I have to do this to you," she took out a bag of powder, dumped some in her hand and blew it onto them. They froze in place."Elders, please erase from their minds what they have seen tonight." With that, magickal music played and it was accomplished. When they unfroze, they looked around.

"What are we up here for? Paige, what happened?" Phoebe asked, hoping that Paige hadn't seen a demon or anything.

"Um, there was an attacker, and you took care of him, Phoebe. Sent him flying."

"Ok. Well, I have a headache, so I'm off to bed."

"Yeah, I think we've all had a pretty rough day. But, I still have to go back to the club. I won't be home till late. See you guys later," Piper said before she left, again.

"Me too. I got to go. I still have a photo shoot to attend to. Bye," Prue told them.


"He failed? Well then, we shall just have to someone who can get the job done," said a voice that was hidden by a shadow.

"But who? They've killed our most powerful demon," a minion said.

"We send a mortal. They can die by gun. That way, no one can save them."


"Hey, Phoebe? Do you want some soup? I can make you some...."

"No, Paige. That's ok."

"You sure? I'm pretty famous for it...... c'mon! I know you want some," Paige said in a persuasive voice.

"Ok, you win. I'll have some soup," Phoebe said, giving in.

"Great!! Now, do you think Piper will have all the ingredients that I need in the kitchen?"

"Probably, and if she doesn't, I could run to the store for you."

"Thanks. Well, do you want to go see my famous recipe up close?"

"Sure, let's go." They left the attic, and went downstairs to the kitchen. Paige found everything she needed and began work on the soup. She kept a conversation up with Phoebe the whole time, cracking jokes, telling stories, and talking about how Leo was great as a cousin.

"You and Leo are pretty close, huh?" asked Phoebe, adding in more spices to the pot.

"Yeah, he's been like my brother after Brian died. That was my brother's name, did you know that? Anyway, he took care of me, just like brother would have done. He's great."

Phoebe liked this girl, she knew that the minute she saw her. And she couldn't imagine what it would be like if one of her sisters died. She went to put her arm around Paige's shoulder. As soon as she did, a bright light flashed and she got a premontion. It was the same as before, except that, someone did come to heal Piper. It looked like Paige, but she couldn't be sure. Then the vision ended.

"Phoebe? Are you ok?" Paige asked, concern in her voice.

"Uh, yeah. Is the soup done yet? I need it now more than ever."

"Yeah. Sit down. I get it for you." Soon after Phoebe sat, Paige carried two bowls of soup to the table for them to eat.

"Phoebe, do you know?" Paige asked.

"Huh? Know what?"

"What I really am. When you touched me, did you find out?"

"What are you talking about? When I touched you?"

"Come on, Phoebe! Did you have a premonition of me when you put your arm around me? Don't lie. I screwed up. I exposed myself. That's the second time, you just don't remember the first," she explained."How could I be so stupid!? Phoebe, you have to promise not to tell Prue or Piper about this. Not yet, anyway. Please, can you promise me this?"

Phoebe was stunned. Paige was a white lighter. Paige had been sent to take care of something. Her question rang in her mind-"Please don't tell anyone"

"Yeah, sure. I won't tell. But, is Leo really your cousin?"


"Didn't think so. So, what are we suppose to do now? I mean, now that I know, but the others don't?"

"Well, what happened in your premontion? Did someone die?"

"Yeah, Piper did."

"We've GOT to get to her! NOW!!"

"No, not you Paige. You have to orb in. Because we don't want the others to know."

"Ok. I hope you know what you're doing! Bye." With that said, Phoebe went to the club.

Phoebe rushed into the club to find Piper. She was behind the bar, serving up drinks and having a wonderful time. Piper saw Phoebe come in and waved her over to the bar.

"Hey, Pheebs. What are you doing here? I thought you were going to sleep?" Piper asked. She had a concerned look on her face because her sister looked really tired.

"I was, but Paige convinced me to have some soup. And then, I got a premonition. The same one as before, except, someone else was in it. But, I don't know if it was someone good or bad."

"Ok. Well, Prue is coming here after her photo shoot, so just stay here. Then, when she gets here, we can discuss what we should do, ok? Don't worry, Phoebe. I'm not going to get shot at anytime soon."

Just then, the lights went out.

"Uh oh," Phoebe said."Piper, you still here?"

"Yeah. Phoebe, get behind the bar with me." Phoebe found her way to behind the bar. She found Piper and they stood in each others embrace.

"Everyone, please calm down. We just blew a fuse," Leo said. He was in the club the whole time. He fixed the fuse box, and the lights came back on.

"Whew," said Piper. She then saw Leo come towards them."Thanks, Leo."

"Hey, you guys ok?"

"Yeah. We're fine. Um, Piper, do you think we can all grab a table? I mean, you are on break soon, right?" asked Phoebe.

"Sure. Take the table by the stage. I'll be there in about five minutes, I have to go check on everything." Phoebe and Leo went to the table Piper told them to go. As soon as they sat down, Phoebe told Leo about Paige.

"She exposed herself. Now they're never going to let her become a White Lighter!"

"No, she still might. I had the premonition. Aren't they the ones who give me certain premonitions?" she asked him. He nodded."So how do we know they didn't give me this one?" Leo sat and thought about that. Before he could answer her, Piper came over, carrying a platter of food.

"So, what did I miss?" she asked while sitting down next to Leo and putting the platter down.

"Oh, not much. The usual, 'Why are all these demons coming after us?' talk," Phoebe said. She gave Leo a side glance.

"Yeah," Leo said,"just the usual demon talk. Speaking of, did you find that demon that came after you, Piper?"

"Uh, no...."she responded."I really didn't pay much attention to the Book when I was looking through it."


"Leo, just let her be. Um, Leo?... Should I tell her? Bout, you know?"Phoebe asked.

"Tell me what? You know you're gonna have to tell me now."

"No. I'm sorry Piper. She can't. But she will, tonite at 7:30."

"Huh? Why then?" she asked.

"Because, everything has to take place in order for all of us to understand. I'm sorry." Then, magickal music played."I have to go." He went to the men's room and orbed out.

"Ok, spill it," Piper said.

"I can't."

"Phoebe, you can't keep secrets. I know you."

"Well, I can, and will, keep this one."



"Well, have you contacted the mortal yet?" asked the hidden voice.

"Yes, Master. He seems suitable for the job. He works, very close to the sisters. And, he has found a way to be alone with the sisters, tonight. Behind P3."



"But, that's not fair!" Paige screamed."I want to be a White Lighter!!!" She listened for a minute."No! You CAN'T do that to me!!" Just then, Leo orbed in.

"Hey, what are you yelling at them for?"

"Because, they want me to become a 'permanent'."

"A permanent?" he said. Then, looking upward he said,"Isn't that kinda harsh? I mean, just because YOU screwed up and gave Phoebe that premonition doesn't mean that Paige has to become a permanent."

"Yeah! I DON'T wanna remain at the age of 16 forever!! I mean, won't people get suspicious? And why me? You gave Phoebe the stupid premonition. I didn't even want to be here!! And, now that I am, I can't bear to leave because I've become attached to these sisters, no matter how little amount of time I've spent with them!! You chose me to become a White Lighter. And, according to Phoebe's premonition, you were going to let them find out about me anyway. So, can't I just become one, not a permanent, and just leave and watch some other happy witch?!?" Phoebe spoke to them in such a voice. It was powerful, almost like she was an adult. But, it had a touch of saddness in it, like she was scared to be in such a powerful position at only 16 years old. She and Leo were silent for a couple of minutes.

"Oh man!!," Paige thought,"now I'm gonna get it!" But, instead, they sent the message that she had a point. They did send the premonition to Phoebe. And that as soon as her training is over, they will erase all of the magickal memories the sisters have of Paige so that they won't remember.

"But, what about her being a permanent?" Leo asked. It was silent. Then, they responded that they'd have to wait, and see. But, Paige and Leo had to be going because, it was almost 7:30.

It was almost 7:30, and Piper was going to the kitchen to check up on some things. When she got back there, she saw the garbage can overflowing. She sent one of the busboys back to clean it up, and take it to the dumpster. Then, she went back out to the club. Everyone was having a good time. Piper then checked her watch, and noticed that it was almost 7:30. She glanced around the club to see where Phoebe and Prue were. They had called a few minutes ago to tell her that they were coming to the club to make sure nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Joey, the busboy that Piper had sent back to the kitchen, was in the alley way.

"You're sure that they'll come back here?" a voice said.

"Yeah, I left the garbage so that Piper herself will take it out," Joey told him.

"When do I get paid? And do I have to shoot 'em all?"

"Look, you'll get paid AFTER the job is done. Don't worry, my boss ALWAYS pays. And only choose one of 'em. That is, if all of them come back here. If not, just shoot the one with the garbage bag in her hand." The voice nodded his head, although Joey couldn't tell.

"Who are you anyway?" Joey asked.

"A friend of the family," the voice said. Joey shrugged.

"So, you know what to do. And we'll get the money to you tomorrow." With that said, he turned around and walked inside without looking back. If he would have, he would have seen the face of the voice. Someone that resembled the three sisters.

Back inside the club, Piper had located her sisters.

"Ok, Phoebe. It's 7:30. What are you suppose to tell me," Piper said.

"Um....., I think we should wait for Leo first," she responded, stalling time.

"Fine, but if he's not here in five minutes, you're telling me." She then turned and walked back to the kitchen.

"Uh, Phoebe? Shouldn't we follow her?" Prue asked."I mean, isn't she suppose to get shot at night?"

"Yeah, but it seemed like it took place in an alley, and much later at night."

"Well, I'm still going to follow her." Prue went off in the direction she saw her sister go.

"Leo, where are you?" Phoebe wondered out loud.

"Right here," he said from behind her. She turned around, startled.

"Ohmygod! Don't do that! So, can I tell her?" She looked at him. He was silent."Leo, she has a right to know."

"I know, I know. But Paige has to prove herself to your sisters first. I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be. They're calling. I have to go." After saying that, he went to the bathroom, and orbed out.

"Great. Just what I need. Too bad you didn't explain ANY of this to me!!!"

Piper walked back into the kitchen to check up on the staff. The cooks were cooking appetizers for everyone, and the garbage was still overflowing. She went over to take care of it. Then, she felt an arm link through hers. It was Prue.

"Hey. I thought I'd come with you to see what's up," she said, lying through her teeth.

"Everything's fine. Except the fact that the busboy I sent to take out the garbage has disappeared...without the garbage." She took the handles of the bag and lifted it out. She tied it and began to carry it to the alley way door. Prue ran in front of the door and blocked her sister.

"Prue, I'm not in a good mood. Let me through."

"" She then saw Phoebe walking up to them."Look, here's Phoebe."

"Piper, where are you going?" Phoebe asked as she walked up.

"Outside to take out the garbage. What is your problem, you guys? It's part of the job." She stopped and thought for a minute."And, I don't think I'll get shot for taking out the garbage. Now, let me through. With that, she pushed through Prue, and walked out the door. Prue and Phoebe followed her out. Piper then lifted the cover off the dumpster, threw the garbage in, and walked back towards the sisters.

"See, nothing happened," she told them."Now, let's get inside and you can tell me what you were suppose to tell me." Just then, Prue was shoved to the side, along with Phoebe by the man Joey was talking to earlier.

"NO!" screamed Phoebe. She jumped up and stepped in front of Piper. The man took out his gun and fired....twice. Piper and Phoebe went down. Prue got up and threw him against the wall. He then took off running.

"Thanks, cousins," he said to himself as he ran down the alleyway.

Prue went back to her sisters.

"No. Please, don't let them be dead." She picked up Phoebe's wrist and felt for her pulse. She felt it. Phoebe then coughed.

"Piper..." she started, weak from the shot in her shoulder.

"I don't know yet," Prue told her. She moved over to Piper and did the same thing she did to Phoebe. But this time, she didn't feel a very strong pulse. Even if medics came, it would be too late.  She looked at Phoebe. Phoebe began to cry. Prue went over to her and held her youngest sister. They had lost Piper. The one that had always tried to make peace between them. Now that she was gone, there was a peace between the two, but a big part of their life was gone.

"That's not how it's suppose to happen. I was suppose to stop the bullet. But, he fired twice. It's all my fault," Phoebe said, between sobs.

"No, it's not," Prue said."No, it's not." After she said, they heard magickal music play, and a blue light came down.

"See, Leo's here. He'll save her." To her suprise, it wasn't Leo, but Paige.

"What?" Prue said, astonished.

"Just, let me do my thing," she told her. She walked over to Phoebe, placed her hands over Phoebe's wounded shoulder and a yellow began to come from her hands. In a minute, there was no trace of the bullet wound that had pierced her shoulder a few minutes ago.

"Now, let's see if I'm strong enough for this one." She walked over to Piper, with tears in her eyes."Please," thought,"just let this work. You can't just send me down here and expect me to lose someone on the very first day." She placed her hands over Piper's chest. There was a bullet hole right where her heart was. Paige took in a deep breath, and let her magic work. Nothing came out of her hands.

"Oh no," she wispered."Please, PLEASE!! Piper, don't do this to me. You're too important to die. Your sisters need you." She paused, looked toward the sky, and wispered softly,"I need you. To be the role model I never had." She closed her eyes, and a tear fell out of her eye. Her hands began to softly glow. She looked down, and smiled. She placed her hands over the wound and began to heal Piper. Slowly, Piper opened her eyes, and looked around.

"Paige?!?" she began, but was inturrupted by a fit of coughing. Prue and Phoebe smiled and began to dry their tears. Phoebe began to walk over, but Prue stopped her.

"Let them have a minute," she wispered.

"Piper, I know that you know that I am not who I say I am. I know you saw the date on that picture. It's true. I am a White Lighter. Well, not officially. But, that really was my brother, and he really was killed by a coven of warlocks. But, I was also killed, by my cousin. He was part of the coven. And, before I knew it, I was being lifted toward the sky. Destined to be a White Lighter. You were a test for me, just like all of these demons and killers have been for you. And, I know that we haven't spent too much time together, but, it feels like you and me are suppose to know each other. As if WE are suppose to be sisters too. But, now that will never happen." She let Piper have time to let it sink in. She then smiled at Paige.

"I feel that we're suppose to be sisters too." Paige smiled at her. Then, the two of them hugged each other. Prue and Phoebe then walked over. Paige let go of Piper and backed off.

"You guys need time together." She let Prue and Phoebe help Piper up, and all three of them went into a hug. Paige smiled at them, and then orbed out.


"WHAT!?!?" the shadowed voice said."That stinking W.L.I.T. was able to SAVE her!?!?!" the master's voice said.

"Yes. But next time, I shall succeed. You have my word, and my soul," said the voice that had shot Piper.

"Good. Or else, you know what will happen." The master than left his minion to think, and plan.


"I'm so happy that you're alive," Phoebe said the next morning. They had gotten home late the night before and had gone straight to bed. Unfortunately for Piper, her sisters weren't convinced she was safe, and they decided to spend the night in her room. And, the three sisters didn't exactly fit in the same bed.

"Yeah, I'm sort of glad I'm breathing too," she joked with Phoebe."But, I still can't believe it, Paige?"

"Hey guys," said Prue, walking into the kitchen."Look at what I found." She held a letter in her hand adressed to Piper. Piper took it out and began to read:



I'm sorry that you found out the hard way who I am. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to reveal myself to you guys so quickly. I mean, even Leo was a little peeved at me. But, it's ok now because I am leaving so you and Leo will never have to deal with my stupidity again. The elders have reassigned me to a witch far, far away. So, this is farewell. But not forever. I am hoping to see you again soon. I will never forget the time I've spent with you. Unfortunately, the elders will soon erase your minds, and this letter. All except for the fact that I am a White Lighter. You will remember that, but you won't remember that it was me. It's a whole big technical thing. But, you will know another W.L., but not her name. At least, not until I return again.

Always, Paige


After Piper finished, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"She's gone," she said. She remembered the first time she saw Paige, her smile, her blue eyes. She loved her like a sister, and now, she's gone.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Piper." Prue and Phoebe gave her another hug."But, what is this part about how us won't be able to remember her or what she is?" Prue asked.

"Huh? What who is?" Phoebe asked Prue.

"Yeah, what are you talking about?"Piper said.

"Um.....I don't remember,"Prue said. The three sisters sat in the kitchen, stumpped. Then, Piper picked up the letter. It now read:



Thank you for letting me stay with you guys. It was a very nice weekend. Leo has picked me up early and has taken me to the airport. I'm goin to stay with my aunt. I wanted to let you know that your secret is safe with me. You know which one. The one about how you guys are granted with 'supernatural' gifts. Although, I still do not know what these gifts are. Take care. Maybe I'll come and visit when I come back to see Leo. Goodbye.




"Paige? Wasn't that Leo's cousin or something?" Prue asked.

"Yeah," Piper said."Did we tell her about us?"

"I think so, but not fully,"Phoebe said."But, you know something. I think we could trust her. I remember something about how she helped us in a way."

"Yeah, me too," Prue said. Piper put down the letter and told her sisters she had to go to the store. When she got in the car, she smiled to herself.

"Thank you for saving me, Paige," she softly said to herself."I'll keep your secret too." She then turned the ignition, backed out of the driveway, and made her way to the market.



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