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Charmed Episode Guide
Season 4

New cast member : Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews better known for her role in Scream

Episode #67, "Charmed Again Part I & II"
Original US Air Date, 4 October '01

The Power of 3 has been destroyed. Prue is dead, but while Piper and Phoebe mourn and Cole is confronted by two demonic bounty hunters a young girl finds herself drawn to the Halliwells.

Episode #68, "Hell Hath No Fury"
Original US Air Date, 11 October '01

Paige, while trying to come to terms with the fact that she is a witch, steals the Book of Shadows and begins casting spells for personal gain. This has some unusual physical consequences for Paige ! Meanwhile Piper still cannot come to terms with the loss of Prue.

Episode #69, "Enter the Demon"
Original US Air Date, 18 October '01

An unfortunate mix up in the kitchen results in Paige and Phoebe switching bodies which is further complicated when they have to confront an evil disciple of a Zen Master!

Episode #70, "Size Matters"
Original US Air Date, 25 October '01
Phoebe and Piper do not take Paige seriously when she has an uneasy feeling about an old house. This quickly changes however when the three of them are shrunk to five inches tall by a demon. Guest stars Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street, 'V')

Episode #71, "A Knight to Remember"
Original US Air Date, 01 November '01
Paige's favourite childhood fairy tale comes to life, bringing her face to face with an Evil Enchantress, and Phoebe and Piper transported back to the Dark Ages!

Episode #72, "Brain Drain"
Original US Air Date, 08 November '01
Piper ends up in a mental institution after The Source brain washes her and tricks her into surrendering the Power of 3. It's up to Phoebe and Paige to prevent The Source from destroying them all.

Episode #73, "Black as Cole"
Original US Air Date, 15 November '01
Cole's past comes back to haunt him when a widow tracks him down seeking vengeance for her husband's death. Meanwhile Piper and Leo test their readiness to become parents.

Episode #74, "Muse to my ears"
Original US Air Date, 13 December '01
Phoebe, Paige and Piper must stop Warlocks who are enslaving the world's muses to use their divine creative inspiration for evil. Meanwhile Cole becomes testy about Phoebe rebuffing his marriage proposal and is concerned that without his demonic powers he can no longer protect the love of his life.

Episode #76, "A Page From The Past"
Original US Air Date, 17 January'02

Leo takes Paige back in time to relive the events leading up to the car accident which killed her adoptive parents. Meanwhile two outlaw ghosts from the 1950's possess Phoebe and Cole.

Episode #77, "Trial by Magic"
Original US Air Date: 24 January'02

While on jury service, Phoebe has a vision that reveals that the defendant is innocent of murder. As she tries to stall the trial, the rest of the charmed ones must try and find the real killer before sentence is passed.

Episode #78, "Lost and Bound"
Original US Air Date: 31 January'02

Paige discovers that a 10-year-old runaway (guest star Alex Black) is a firestarter and being hunted by demon bounty hunters. So while they protect him they try to teach him how to use his powers for good rather than evil.

Episode #79, "Charmed and Dangerous"
Original US Air Date: 07 February'02

The Source is back and out for revenge. Breaking an ancient pact between good and evil, he taps into the ultimate power of The Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, both good and evil and sets out to destroy the Charmed Ones once and for all.

Episode #80, "The Three Faces of Phoebe"
Original US Air Date: 14 February'02

Phoebe starts to get cold feet about her marriage to Cole and casts a spell to find out if she should go through with it, which conjures both a young and old Phoebe (guest stars Samantha Goldstein and Francis Bay) to help her make up her mind. Meanwhile, The Source hasn't finished with Cole yet and has disturbing plans for him which have serious consequences for The Charmed Ones.

Episode #81, "Marry-Go-Round"
Original US Air Date: 14 March'02

It's wedding time again in the Halliwell household, which can only mean one thing...trouble ! (Guest Stars Tony Amendola, better known for his role as Bra'tac in Stargate SG-1).

Episode #82, "The Fifth Halliwell"
Original US Air Date: 21 March'02

Paige becomes convinced Cole is still a demon, while The Source, now inhabiting a human body, plots to get Paige pregnant with his evil spawn.

Episode #83, "Saving Private Leo"
Original US Air Date: 28 March'02

Leo's past comes to haunt him, literally, when two ghosts from WWII track him down wanting revenge. Though it isn't Leo they want to hurt, rather the people closest to him.

Episode #84, "Bite Me"
Original US Air Date: 18 April'02

A Vampire Queen orders an attack on Paige with the hope of turning her into a vampire. With Paige on her side she hopes to turn Piper and Phoebe, and with the Charmed Ones on her side, she then hopes to prevent the coronation of a new Source.

Episode #85, "We're Off to See the Wizard"
Original US Air Date: 25 April'02

The Vampire Queen fails in her bid to prevent the coronation and Piper and Paige team up with a Wizard (guest star Armin Shimerman, DS9, Buffy) to stop it, not realizing that the new head of the Underworld is someone close to them and they are in for a shock when they find out the identity of his queen.

Episode #86, "Love Live the Queen"
Original US Air Date: 02 May'02

The new Source and his queen have to prove that they are truly evil by killing Piper and Paige in order to prevent a civil war breaking out in the underworld.

Episode #87, "Womb Raider"
Original US Airdate: 09 May'02

Phoebe begins to exhibit signs of violent hatred towards Paige, while The Seer plots to steal the cause and magically place it in her own body.

Season Finale: Episode #88, "Witch Way Now"
Original US Airdate: 16 May'02

The Charmed Ones are visited by the Angel of Destiny who offers them a choice of destinies for vanquishing The Source: they can remain Charmed or choose to relinquish their powers and live normal lives.

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