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Charmed Episode Guide
Season 3

New recurring cast member : Julian McMahon better known for his role in the Aussie soap, Home and Away

Episode #45, "The Honeymoon's Over"
Original US Air Date, 5 October '00

Piper and Leo have traveled off to "his" world for a while. Meanwhile a string of murders puts Prue and Phoebe in the witness box forcing them to lie to protect their Wiccan identities. During this Phoebe is befriended by the assistant DA and she finds she has a new power. Finally Piper puts a question to Leo, the answer to which could put them at odds with The Council.

Episode #46, "Magic Hour"
Original US Air Date, 12 October '00

Piper tries to secretly plan her wedding day so that The Council cannot stop her and Leo from tying the knot, but Phoebe's new friend has other plans.

Episode #47, "Once Upon A Time"
Original US Air Date, 19 October '00

Piper is heartbroken, angry and stubbornly declares a strike against The Powers That Be that whisked Leo away. While Phoebe finds a young girl who is protecting a fairy princess from evil trolls. With Piper on stike, Phoebe and Prue must protect the princess, and the only way to do to become children themselves!

Episode #48, "All Halliwell's Eve"
Original US Air Date, 26 October '00
Prue, Darryl, Phoebe, Leo, and Piper are getting ready to go to a Halloween party when the Grimlocks show up. Then the sisters get sucked into a vortex that appears on the wall, and end up in the seventeenth century. They have been summoned from the future to help save a woman and her unborn child from being kept captive, and the baby raised evil. But first they have to figure out WHY they can't channel their powers. And re-learn how to work magic, sixteen hundred style. Which means pumpkins, brooms, apples, and talisments.

Episode #49, "Sight Unseen"
Original US Air Date, 02 November '00
Prue is getting obsessed about the Evil Triad. When she arrives home from work to find the front door open, all the other doors open, and every mirror in the house had been broken she's convinced that it was some demonic force of evil, while her sisters, Darryl, and even Leo aren't ruling out the human possibility.

Episode #50, "Primrose Path"
Original US Air Date, 09 November '00
While Prue is driving to the dentist with toothache, she feels compelled to go to an old apartment building that was going to be demolished. A man is inside and is refusing to come out. When Prue tries to talk to him he tells her to keep away saying he can feel all her pain.

Back at the manor, Leo tells Prue that the man she met must have been an empath. Prue returns to the building in order to cast a spell to remove the powers, but instead the empathic powers are transferred to Prue. Unfortunately, too late, Prue discovers that the man is a murderer and was cursed with the power to prevent him from killing again. Now the sisters must find a way to re-curse him before he finds his first victim. 

Guest Stars Harry Groener (The Mayor from Buffy Season 3) as the priest and Morgan Weisser (Nathan West from Space Above and Beyond) as Vince.

Episode #51, "Power Outage"
Original US Air Date, 16 November '00
Prue and Phoebe keep assuming that Piper won't mind taking care of things and Piper is getting annoyed about it. The evil triad hears about this and uses it's powers to get the sisters to turn against each other. As the sisters fight they use their powers against each other finally rendering them powerless which allows the triad to make their move.

Guest Stars Jason Carter (Marcus Cole from Babylon 5) as Andras.

Episode #52, "Sleuthing with the Enemy"
Original US Air Date, 14 December '00
The Charmed Ones now know that Phoebe's boyfriend is not what he appears and is working for the source. What they don't know is the source is displeased with him and has sent a bounty hunter out to destroy him. Should the Charmed Ones now protect Phoebe's boyfriend or help the bounter hunter vanquish him ?

Episode #53, "Coyote Piper"
Original US Air Date, 11 January 2001
An alchemist called Kierkan creates Terra, a life essence from his own blood that can possess and control humans. When Terra desires to escape from Kierkan's control, she moves to another host body until she can come across one of the Charmed Ones, who she plans to use to destroy her creator once and for all. 

Episode #54, "We Scream for Ice Cream"
Original US Air Date, 18 January 2001
While Piper goes searching for her father, after hearing news that he's been seen in town, Prue is driven to learn the name of song whose melody is stuck in her head. She discovers the source is an ice cream truck that appears to be abducting children. As Prue and Phoebe attempt to stop the ice cream man from grabbing a little girl, they find themselves sucked into a wintry world within the truck that is inhabited but the Nothing - a force that pulls its victims out of existence. 

Episode #55, "Blinded By the Whitelighter"
Original US Air Date, 25 January 2001
The Charmed ones come up against a powerful ancient warlock called Aames. With the aid of another "Whitelighter" called Natalie the Charmed Ones and Leo go after Aames. To complicate matters Natalie does not approve of Leo's relationship with Piper and believes it is getting in the way of Leo's work. As they do battle with Aames a "darklighter" appears. Aames kills the darklighter, steals his crossbow and disappears. It seems that this warlock has far more sinister plans and armed with a darklighter crossbow he now threatens the very existence of all the Whitelighters. 

Episode #56, "Wrestling With Demons"
Original US Air Date, 1 February 2001
Prue, quite literally, runs into an old College flame while hunting a demon. It appears that Tom is a recruit at a "Demon Academy" where he will become a full demon once he has killed an innocent. Meanwhile Phoebe confesses to her sisters that she let Cole escape. Prue and Piper must put their feelings of betrayal aside while they try and prevent Tom from killing his mother which will turn him into a demon.

Episode #57, "Bride And Gloom"
Original US Air Date, 8 February 2001
The disappearance of Prue's lipstick hides a sinister motive A warlock has stolen it so an evil priestess can perform a spell which when the warlock kisses Prue it will enable her to marry them and convert Prue to evil, doing so will also turn Phoebe and Piper evil and the priestess will then be able to get her hands on the book of shadows. Meanwhile Cole makes contact with Phoebe and she goes to meet him, while Piper is busy planning her wedding with Leo.

Episode #58, "The Good, The Bad And The Cursed" Original US Air Date, 15 February 2001
Directed by Shannen Doherty
A visit to a ghost town turns into a nightmare when a ghostly figure falls through Phoebe. Upon return to the manor Phoebe has a vision of the ghostly figure being shot, but they realise that Phoebe has also been shot. With Leo unable to heal her injures the sisters must return to the time and place when the shooting happened to try to unravel the mystery, but the only way they can do that is with the help of Cole.

Episode #59, "Just Harried"
Original US Air Date, 1 March 2001

As the day of Leo and Piper's wedding arrives, Piper needs reassurance from her sisters that nothing will ruin her special day. Meanwhile Prue is having nightmares, or so she thinks when on the night before the wedding, she finds herself the main suspect of a murder.

Episode #60, "Death Takes a Halliwell"
Original US Air Date, 15 March 2001
The net is starting to close around Cole, with the Inspector Davidson, the Angel of Death and a pair of Seekers all tracking him and the Charmed Ones.

Episode #61, "PreWitched"
Original US Air Date, 22 March 2001
Lacking privacy at the Manor, Piper concludes that she and Leo should move to their own apartment. In the middle of all this the charmed ones come up against a warlock that actually gets stronger the more times it is vanquished !

Episode #62, "Sin Francisco"
Original US Air Date, 19 April 2001
The Charmed Ones and Leo each become infected with one of the seven deadly sins and they the must struggle not only to defeat the demon that infected them, but save themselves from succumbing to the powers of their sins.

Episode #63, "The Demon Who Came In From The Cold"
Original US Air Date, 26 April 2001
Against Phoebe's wishes, Cole goes undercover to discover the plans of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, but can he be trusted ?

Episode #64, "Exit Strategy"
Original US Air Date, 3 May 2001
Cole agrees to steal a witch's amulet in order to convince the head of the Brotherhood that he is still evil. Meanwhile, Piper's powers begin to malfunction and she inadvertently blows up everything she points at !

Episode #65, "Look Who's Barking"
Original US Air Date, 10 May 2001
While the Charmed Ones are hunting for a demon they inadvertently turn Prue into a Siberian husky with a wayward spell ! Meanwhile, Cole seeks an alchemist's help in removing the human side of his soul.

Episode #66, "All Hell Breaks Loose"
Directed by Shannen Doherty
Original US Air Date, 17 May 2001
Prue, Phoebe and Piper are exposed on live television as witches. In an effort to undo what has been done, the Charmed Ones strike a deal with the dark side to turn back time and reverse their sudden fame, unfortunately this deal comes with a terrible price....


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