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Musical Guest Spots

The following lists the groups/artists that have appeared in Charmed. If anyone knows of any I've missed, or any mistakes let me know at


Season 2

Luscious Jackson Ladyfingers Episode #23,"Witch Trial"
Stroke 9 Tail of the Sun Episode #24,"Morality Bites"
Dishwalla  - Episode #26, "The Devil's Music"
The Cranberries - Episode #27, "She's A Man, Baby, A Man!"
The Goo Goo Dolls - Episode #41, "Ex Libris"
The Paula Cole Band - Episode #43, "Apocalypse, Not"

Season 3

Barenaked Ladies Episode #45, "The Honeymoon's Over"
Snake River Conspiracy Episode #48, "All Halliwell's Eve"
Marvelous 3  Episode #49, "Sight Unseen"
Idol Episode #50, "Primrose Path"
Fastball  Episode #51, "Power Outage"
Box  Episode #55, "Blinded By the Whitelighter"
Orgy  Episode #62, "Sin Francisco"

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