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Available - 29 September 2003
Charmed - The Soundtrack

Charmed - The Soundtrack

We are the only UK Website to be officially promoting the Charmed Soundtrack album in conjunction with BMG Music.

Read more about this album here.

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This area is dedicated to the US series "Charmed" which started it's 6th season in the US on September 28.

New: Season 6 Premier Episode Guide and Pictures. Click here.

Charmed airs on LivingTV and Channel 5 in the UK. 

The series is produced by Aaron Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 fame and stars Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills), Alyssa Milano (Melrose Place) and Holly Marie Combs (Picket Fences) as three sisters who are reunited in their grandmothers house in San Francisco.

Phoebe (Milano) finds a book in the attic (The Book of Shadows) which, after Phoebe resites a spell, gives the sisters three unique powers to fight off evil supernatural forces with the help of a couple of San Francisco detectives and the mysterious Leo.

Prue (Doherty) has the power to move objects with her mind and astral project. Phoebe (Milano) has the power to see the future (although later in the series it appears she can see the past as well) and levitate. Piper (Combs) has the power to freeze time, and now can destroy objects and demons by speeding up molecules.

After the death of Prue at the end of Season 3, the sisters are joined by Paige Matthews, a half sister they never knew they had.

Rose McGowan (Scream) has joined the cast of Charmed as Paige Matthews. Rose's arrival ends speculation as to who would 'replace' Shannen Doherty following her departure at the end of the third series to pursue a directing career.

If you liked Buffy then this is a "must see" series. It's definitely earned its place as one of the top shows in the US.

Charmed News:
  • Charmed Soundtrack released on 29th September 2003.
  • New Charmed Trading Cards from Inkworks out soon. Details to follow.
  • Want to add your voice to getting Charmed on video & DVD ? Then sign a petition here (Run by Jean-Francois)
The Healing Garden

Spotlight on The Healing Garden

HedgeWytch has been a practicing witch for the last eight years. Over time her path has led her to focus on herbs and their uses (both magical and medicinal), which is reflected in her passion for all things horticultural.

Card with flowers Last year she set up her own website, The Healing Garden, to provide basic information on herbs and gardening, which has grown to include information on various aspects of witchcraft.

HedgeWytch’s Healing Garden also features a small shop from which may be purchased home-grown dried herbs, handmade cards and luxury leather notebooks. Leather Notebook