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This site is protected by my "Tanwen", pronounced "TAHN-wen". From Welsh tan "fire" + gwen "shining, holy".

Welcome to The Wicca Box. This site has been running since October 2000, and is currently undergoing a revamp.

I am extremely proud that the site was a member of the Warner Bros Webmster programme while it existed ! This meant I could use official photographs from Charmed and Angel and get the latest news on those programmes.

More recently I was invited to exclusively promote the new Charmed soundtrack album in the UK on behalf of BMG Music.

You might have gathered I have a huge interest in Charmed, Buffy and Angel. I first saw Charmed while on holiday in New Zealand in May 1999 and was instantly hooked. My interest in Buffy first came about during the winter of 1999 and I have to admit when I first saw Angel I wasn't that impressed, but it quickly grew on me as I got up to speed with Buffy.

What about me then ? Well I hail from the county of Kent, though I now live in Warrington and work in Manchester. I have worked in the IT industry as a support engineer since 1989. I was made redundant in December 2001, at which point I concentrated on my Geology degree studies (obtaining a Diploma in Earth Sciences in December 2003 and an ordinary BSc degree in December 2005), this website and gaining a MCSA in Windows 2000 and a CCNA. In January 2004 I joined Fast Web Media as their Systems & Network Administrator looking after sites such as, and

I am, you could say, an apprentice Hedge Witch, learning the craft from friends I have come to know through Wildwitchin. You'll notice several links to my friends excellent websites which are all well worth a visit.

What about the site ? Well primarily designed using Frontpage 2000, though a lot of the finer details I have had to code direct in HTML. Most of the graphics were designed using a combination of Fireworks and Photoshop. More recently I have been converting the site to use PHP and MySQL.

I love football and even though I now live in Warrington, I still support Gillingham FC who are in League 1 of the Coca Cola league.

The Wicca Box now has a huge visitor base averaging over 45,000 page views per month.

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